Best places for slowing down - Big Sur

Whenever someone mentions Big Sur and "Highway One", I get confused. Confused by emotions that wash over me. There are certain places in this world that I have been to and that have a similar effect on me. But Big Sur also brings a smile to my face and even makes my eyes tear up. I can't explain this feeling and I can only wish for you to go and find it yourself, store it away into your memories of Californian days and Big Sur.

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Big Sur Project We Travel.jpg
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It took us over 5 hours to cover those 160 km. We would stop every few kilometers to take in amazing views of the Pacific, the mystical mountains, endless beaches or whales playing just off the coast.

Drive down the Pacific coast is beautiful, cinematic and surreal. It always reminds me of movies filmed there.
— Zeljka Hofsteter, @zhelyo
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We wanted to capture, remember and feel everything. And now... Now I'm sorry we didn't have time for all the other things that Big Sur has to offer.

Big Sur Project We Travel.jpg

Our itinerary kept pushing us on, but when I go back - and I will -  I will think about where I'm going to stay. I have gone over so many hotels, both for your sake and mine because you know what they say: when you want something badly enough, it has a way of happening.

My selection of Big Sur places for slowing down:

1.       Ventana Big Sur – ranked among the best hotels in 2018 by the CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER and Travel + Leisure.

Ventana Big Sur Glamping.jpg
Ventana Big Sur Room Interior_02.jpg

Redone in 2017, this hotel is for those who wish to enjoy themselves rather than see and be seen, it is a place that acknowledges the importance of socializing, improving yourself, exercising, healthy living, creating with your own hands and merging the senses in the Social House where all the above is available.

In Ventana Big Sur you can also choose to stay in beautifully decorated tents.

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If we don't decide to stay in this hotel (which is impossible), we'll come to enjoy the view it offers with a glass of wine in our hand.

Photos: Ventana Big Sur

Photos: Ventana Big Sur

2.       If you don't find me in this hotel, I will be relishing my dinner in the Post Ranch Inn., and maybe even writing a book in front of the fireplace in one of their glorious rooms.

Room Ventana - Project We Travel.jpg

I may also jump into the pool on a whim simply because you only live once. The hotel accommodates artists year round and organizes exhibitions, art colonies and tours. If you glance at a list for one of the workshops, you'll find my name there.

The sea view - Project We Travel.jpg
Ventana horizon sea.jpg
To me, when someone says Big Sur, I think of seclusion and serenity - being away and unplugged.
— Bernadette De Mesa, Graham & Associates, Inc. / Post Ranch Inn.
Tree house Ventana.jpg
Forest view Ventana .jpg
Post Ranch Inn. // Photo: Kodiak Greenwood

Post Ranch Inn. // Photo: Kodiak Greenwood

3.       I was always curious about what life was like in the 1960s and 1970s. I was in love with the design, music and fashion of the era. And then I came across this hotel - GLEN OAKS BIG SUR.

That is such a magical place...
— James Hall, photographer / Onyx & Ash

It is all of the above, only in a more modern version that is infused with the spirit of those times and reflects the concept of the return to nature. Calming organic colors, wood, wool blankets, natural bathing products, organic cotton linen - they have really thought of everything. The only dilemma I have is whether I am an Oak Tree Cottage type or if I would prefer the Bridge House that you share with friends.

GLEN OAKS BIG SUR // PHOTOS: James Hall/ Onyx & Ash

GLEN OAKS BIG SUR // PHOTOS: James Hall/ Onyx & Ash


 What hotel are you dreaming about? Don't worry, it's allowed...

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