What is Swedish fika?

Fika is “together time” over a coffee, tea and maybe a Swedish “bulle” or a cake. It’s taking time out, relaxing and chatting with friends, colleagues or family in a cafe, in the office or at home. I love fika <3
— Linda Hugod, Employer Branding Academy / @lindahugod

It's easy to get used to fika in Sweden. Fika (pronounced “fee-kah”) is a daily ritual that is mandatory for Swedes (and Scandinavians). More than just once a day.

Drop coffee Stockholm Project We Travel.jpg

Fika is much more than just a coffee break. Fika teaches us that we should take time out, chat with colleagues, friends or family members over a cup of coffee and nibble on something sweet like kanelbulle. Or if you prefer savory, smörgås - open-faced sandwich - might be more to your liking.

Fika does not include a laptop or scrolling down your cellphone, fika is about people, talking, laughing. When it is fika time, those who happen to be on fika may not answer your call. Because the now that we seek and wish to live in is happening right now and requires complete dedication.

People need to hang out to stay healthy. It would be strange if someone would refuse to go to “fika” with the people from their office... The job will always wait for you...
— Maja Tibinac / @majatibi
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I was thinking a lot about fika when I was in Stockholm, watching people having a fika. It was lovely to see them talking, smiling, with a cup of coffee in their hand. They were not always sitting down, those good looking Scandinavians were standing up more often than not and seemed to be immersed in the moment they were experiencing just then.

Fika means connecting. It is the most brilliant , tasy and relaxed way of building network, hanging out with friends or spotting some new ones. Fika is cup of coffee, cinnamon bun and love. It’s a way of saying - let’s get to know each other - for real.
— FRUKOST STOCKHOLM GUIDE / @frukoststockholm

My places in Stockholm for fika, taking a break, people, smiles, sweet and savory snacks, gentle atmosphere...

... for big decisions and first well told jokes, places for hellos and goodbyes, places where you ask for pastry recipes and place where you just quietly say "I'm happy" because that's what you really are, these places are...

Pascal coffee place Stockholm Project We Travel.jpg

1.       Drop Coffee, Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, Stockholm (Metro: Mariatorget) 

Drop coffee Stockholm, Project We Travel.jpg
Drop coffee Stockholm, Project We Travel.jpg

2.       Pascal, Norrtullsgatan 4 (Metro: Odenplan)  &  Skånegatan 76 (M: Medborgarplatsen)

Pascal cafe details Stockholm Project We Travel.jpg
Pascal fika Stockholm Project We travel.jpg
Pascal cafe Stockholm Project We Travel.jpg

 3.       Kaffeverket, Sankt Eriksgatan 88 (M:  S:T ERIKSPLAN)

Kaffeverket coffee in Stockholm Project We Travel.jpg
Kaffeverket coffee in Stockholm, Project We Travel.jpg